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Signage and Display

Mulford Plastics provides a rainbow of colors and textures to help signage and display makers create a product that attracts attention and promotes a strong and lasting impression.

With increasing use of direct or flatbed printing in the signage industry, Mulford's products with its better flatness and dimension stability, provides the best yield and return for our customers.

  • Acrylic - Clear or colored, Satin Ice textured, Hi-Gloss, Radiant, etc. For rigid displays etc.
  • Polycarbonate - With high impact resistance and heat stability needs.
  • PETG - Good clarity and easy formability for indoor temperature uses.
  • PP Fluted Board - Light weight and cheap. For temporary signs or displays.
  • PVC Foam - Rigid opaque sheets. Good chemical and fire resistance.
  • Aluminum Composite Panel - Good rigidity, fire resistant and against theft.
  • Direct printing substrates - Gilman, Plaskolite, etc.


In high-end displays or frames, where the products are expensive such as designer goods or paintings, Mulford Plastics can supply you with 100% anti-UV or anti-glare clear sheets to ensure the products are well protected, yet providing good visual.